I offer a full production service including editing, finishing and delivery of the final product in a wide variety of digital formats. Full CD and DVD mastering and reproduction services are available.

Editing of customer supplied footage upon request.

Primary editing suite is Adobe Premiere Pro CC, but I am also familiar with Final Cut Pro.  I utilize Adobe Photoshop  and have a variety of audio editing tools at my disposal, including the industry standard, Pro Tools.



I cut my teeth as a “One Man Band” reporter researching, shooting and editing all of my stories. They say editing your own material is the fastest way to improve your shooting. There is nothing quite like editing on a deadline and realizing you don’t have the shots you wished you had. I quickly learned to get the shots I needed. I also memorized  the keystrokes in Final Cut Pro because every second counts when news time is approaching! Later while working on long form pieces I switched to Adobe Premier Pro. The beauty of long form is usually one has a little more time to be artistic. You can stop for a cup of tea while you review a transition and seek a colleague’s opinion. Teamwork and another set of eyes are priceless! That is how I edited the Farm Girls piece below.  It appears courtesy of Lakeland Public Television.  I did the cut in Premier Pro with “eyes on” from my intern Kristen Holmquist.